Purge The Infidels, Stop The Infection!

You have a holy duty to your fellow brothers, humanity, and Allah to purge the rotund infidels from our society, for they spread like cancer!  There are many vices in the world, like excessive usage of drugs and prostitutes, but those acts in and of themselves do not have a negative effect on anyone else but the partakers, this is not true with being a fat sow!

They will tell you as they ironically shove strips of unclean pig flesh into their porcine mouths, that being fat is a choice, and that it is theirs to make and that they aren’t hurting you, but like all deceivers they lie!  Their fat seeps into those around them, infecting them like a virus.  Their “vice” is now a burden on not only them, but all those who associate with them!  With the devil’s home of McDonalds on every corner, this spread could be exponential!

We wage Jihad, Holy War, for the good of all mankind.  We must snuff them out as to not damn our civilization to a  gluttonous and cellulite laden downfall!  They will connive their way in with false acceptance and while your back is turned they will slit your throat and pour in Doritos and Bud Lite!  They are the devil in the disguise, fooling the world that they do not exist, but we are the enlightened ones, and Allah gives us vision, and strength to fight back!

Many will ask why, why do we wage this war.  Why do we sacrifice ourselves on the front lines to fight?!  We fight for our children, for your children, and all those would come after us.  Do not let the infestation spread!  Shame the infidels!  Purge the infidels!  Keep our world beautiful and thin!

Khuda hafiz!

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About Mohammad Abdul O'Malley

Born Peter William O'Malley on the streets of Dublin, he changed his name to Mohammad at the age of 23 after becoming infatuated with Malcolm X and Muslim culture. He's quoted saying "I like me bitches like I me beer, DARK WITH GOOD HEAD!" He joined FGJ after moving to America and seeing the masses of fat girls in tube tops and Uggs. He occasionally writes for the blog of his good friend Chad Daring II

13 thoughts on “Purge The Infidels, Stop The Infection!

  1. bismillah my brothers, i am going to beg you for mercy, and you will offer me succour, for i fear i have condemned my soul to the abyss.

    you see, even as i tried to be a good muslim, the fatness of the american woman, her rumbling mounds of boob-flesh, her ample undulating buttocks, her canyonesque cleavage, none of it veiled with the niqab or burka, caused my manstick to swell and throb whenever i would encounter her.

    i know i am sick – i used to brand my brain with these lusty filthy visions, and i would hide away in my apparent and tug myself to a vicious climax at the thought of being sandwiched inbetween many women of fatness, like the doner shavings in the middle of a well-rolled kebob.


  2. Peace be upon you, brother Mohammed Abdul. One day, all women with loose, blubbery flesh shall cast garments over their person, as revealed to us in the Holy Quran. Those who disobey shall perish. We will pray Allah SWT grants you the bliss of the martyrs on account of your righteousness, and your holy struggle in truth.

  3. Qur’an (6:93) – “Who can be more wicked than one who inventeth a lie against Allah?”

    Qur’an (33:57) – “Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained. Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.”

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  5. As a poor, but simple follower of Brahma (specifically Cerveja Brahma do Brasil), I am confused by the FATwa that you have evidently declared. Buddha himself said that it is good to meditate on sights that inspire horror, and I feel I have cleared myself of much bad karma by meditating on the horrifying sight of these fat horr … ors.

    (I apologize that my citing of Buddha may be margarinal thinking on this site.)

  6. I seek only understanding … God is one, and we worship and seek to understand The One but only through different names. Krishnamurti said of this, “You can eat a sweet cake either straight or sideways; either way, it will taste as sweet.”

    We can surely all of us recognize that these fat women have been eating far too many sweet cakes, straight and sideways and piled one on the other and shoveled into their fearsome faces …

  7. Brother Mulvaney, we meditate long and these sights, for unwillingly they are brought upon us. Ones daily routine is fraught with these gruesome sights, and this is why we declare holy war.

    It is ones choice should they want to meditate and come to a greater understanding, but one should not be forcibly held down and visually RAPED by the uncouth flab of the American sow.

  8. As-Salamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters. May the average BMI of the American be returned to normal human standards. The days of the haram reign of lard are numbered. Insha’Allah.

    In the mean time, the hadiths tell us of Muhammed PBUH’s sayings after his glorious conquest of Mecca, wherein modest dress is required of all, but especially so of the gluttonous.

  9. Brother Mohammad Abdul O’Malley, thank you everlastingly for your kind words and especially your addressing me as “Brother.” I do everlastingly believe that we are brothers, all of us, brothers in blood in the struggle against the Reign of Lard.

    I must admit that my meditations upon the horr … or of these porcine American women impels me to seek solace in Brahma (especially Cerveja Brahma do Brasil). Brahma after Brahma after Brahma. I do hope that Allah will forgive me for my allegiance to Brahma after Brahma after Brahma.

  10. My brothers, i too must confess that after partaking of the forbidden drink (okay many drinks) i have, in a moment of weakness, soiled myself by reveling in the fleshly folds of a jelly woman. May Allah have mercy on my soul. But no more! I have sworn my allegiance to the cause. I shall shame them in the streets, the malls, and take the holy war to their lair, the unclean McDonalds! A salami a bacon.

  11. @10.13am-If it wasn’t for fat girls and boze you’d never get laid. You’re as retarded as that Ferdi guy who is probably some 16 yo virginal kid in Podunk.

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