Fat Woman Says “Men Prefer Fat Women”

The hamster is strong in this one:

The most feminine attributes, softness and sweetness, are not found in hard-toned bodies. Women who have single digit body-fat percentage are not nurturing by nature. They are tautly disciplined and their first response is “No!”

Do you see why women must be shamed into thinness? Without the shame, they actually think Islamic men prefer fatties.

When you try to fuck the fatties at last call, it just reinforces the fact that they don’t need to lose weight. The sad truth is that fatties in America have higher self-esteem than beautiful girls in third world countries. With Allah’s help, we will destroy their self-esteem to the rock bottom level that is belongs.

10 thoughts on “Fat Woman Says “Men Prefer Fat Women”

  1. Asalam’u’aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuho Muhammad V

    I was recently talking after mosque and I was told that you yourself have been known to lower yourself to hunting whale after last call in the land of volcanoes and ice. Do not let the temptations of ʾIblīs muddy your devotion.


  2. He’s right. A woman with a body fat % in the single digits is veiny and almost always has no shape to her. Give me someone around 15-20% MAX and I will convert.

  3. Salaam Waleikum brother Mohammed, do you belive that simple insults are enough to shame fatties into putting down that candy bar? What if our insults drive them depression causing them to eat even more and get even fatter? Is there no better practical method than this?

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  6. And, indeed, many DO prefer “overweight” women. This is in fact a result of evolution: In order to be larger, they would have access to more resources, which in turn meant that they were better hunters and more fit.

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