Fatties Are Destroying Society

The following is a guest post from brother Qutb.

If you counted up the amount of damage that fat women have done to society in economic, medical, social problems (not just dating) and opportunity costs then it would be much greater than the most recent American crusade in Iraq. Much greater than a trillion dollars since 2003. The amount spent each year is progressively getting larger.

The truth is fat women have caused more damage to the United States than banksters and Muslims combined. No other entity could inflict so many opportunity costs as fat women have.

While these statistics account for both genders, women hold much more blame than men. A man can be somewhat over his BMI and still be relatively healthy, strong and socially productive. But when women are over BMI it is nearly always fat they are carrying, not muscle mass.
The medical costs were estimated to be as high as $117.2 billion, and that was in 2000. The fat lobby prevents further estimations to be made. A more recent estimate says it’s $147 billion a year, which is 9 percent of all medical spending. Everyone wants to blame the infidel insurance companies for rising health care but a lot of that blame should go on the fatties, the biggest public burden on American citizens.
While the nuclear family and competitive capitalism has increased the cost of childbirth making it less attractive for the middle class, it also true that fat women lose their fertility much faster than normal ones. Their children also suffer more complications than normal weight women, further increasing the expense and depriving society of valuable human capital:

“Consuming a diet high in fat causes damage to eggs stored in female ovaries. As a result, when fertilised these eggs are not able to undergo normal, healthy development into embryos,” Ms Minge says. Source

Obesity is a known risk factor for ovulation problems, but it also contributes to infertility in women who ovulate normally, new research shows Women in the study who were severely obese were 43% less likely to achieve pregnancy than normal-weight women or women who were considered overweight but not obese during the yearlong study. Source

Studies indicate obesity doubles a woman’s chances of having a baby with neural tube defects, and even adequate folic acid intake does not fully protect against the increase in risk. Compared with normal-weight women, obese women have a greater risk of developing complications during pregnancy. Their babies are also more likely to be admitted to neonatal intensive care units. In a report published today, the public affairs committee of the Teratology Society officially declared obesity a pregnancy risk factor, adding that women should be told about the risk in the same way that they are warned about the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The Teratology Society studies the causes and processes of birth defects to improve diagnosis and prevention. Source

There is no benefit to being fat, at all. Whenever a infatdel says otherwise, please tell them what you have learned from brother Qutb today.
Allahu akbar.  

11 thoughts on “Fatties Are Destroying Society

  1. What about the costs of treating retinal damage? A man’s eyes are damaged when watching a fattie.


  3. In the past almost all of women preferred to be feminine and represent the femininity corresponding to the masculinity of men. They preferred even to be sexy and beautiful for men’s sexual pleasure. That was a main part of their lives in the past. But today most of women are following feminism and they do not like to be feminine and beautiful, because of feminism teaches them what being attractive to men is wrong. Feminists do not like even to act as human females. That is why they do not care even about their health. They like to be fat and ugly.

  4. @Explorenatrure….you stupid pencil dick motherfucker you willl die a slow death. Most feminists wants their brains fuck out….Yeah!!!!

  5. Brother Qutb, I see that you insinuate in this post that we have caused damage to America. then, Is this fat Jihad our way of atoning for that damage?

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  7. And of course, this is indeed a much larger problem than other health factors that do not show physical differences in people. “What do you mean?” I hear a collective cry from a mob of people too stupid to look away from something they think distasteful. Well, let’s start with high blood pressure and diabetes. Both are often related to being fat, and yet healthy people who are children of healthy people also deal with these complications. There was a recent story of a newborn (the mother and father were quite thin) who was diagnosed with Type 3 diabetes before ever eating solid food. This is due to chemicals in the environment. High blood pressure also has nothing to do with fitness or fatness. And what about addiction? Many drug addicts are very thin.

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