The Glory That Awaits!

Many brothers have willingly heard the call to arms and have now dedicated themselves to this most holiest of wars, but they are still men, and there are many who still remain untouched by the light of Allah, who need to be shown what it is we fight for. They must see that there is hope, because for to long now they have been blinded by rolls of cellulite and flab.

This is but a fraction of the glory that awaits us, and all men, should be succeed in purging the Fat Satan and cleansing our world! Stare deeply my friends. Remember! Remember what a REAL woman looks like! Remember that REAL women are not adorned with short hair, sweatpants, and wide bodies as you would be fooled into thinking! Remember that there is a female form other then a the corpulent masses that besiege our eyes every day.

Peace be with you.

15 thoughts on “The Glory That Awaits!

  1. Beauty of women is a feminine gender specification. In addition to female body characteristics feminine way of clothing is so important.

    “Remember that REAL women are not adorned with short hair, sweatpants, and wide bodies as you would be fooled into thinking!”
    I totally agree………. Pants are not actual female clothes, they are ugly.

  2. There is a derogatory term for the fat women you ‘ve been discussing : Sketty – fat and sweaty girls. Also known as Sketzilla’s.

  3. ‘Remember that REAL women…..blah blah blah

    The first and fourth pictures have fake tits. I can’t see the others clearly enough to tell. You’re obviusly some dumb kid who sees big fake tits and gets all excited and are no judge of what even looks good.

  4. Protip: countries like France (beurette), Turkey, Morocco and Lebanon that are filled with moderate Muslims have more… risque photos. Sex trumps tradition. Pakistan and Egypt are hit or miss.

  5. Some of the newly liberated countries are cropping up interesting photos as well, the Arab Spring has created a young generation of Arab Hipsters with poor judgement.


  7. The point whammer misses is that fake or not, the tits can actually be discerned in absense of fat rolls. Sleek, lithe, and beautiful. I will not be shamed into accepting belly rolls, muffin tops, and triple chins as either normal or sexy.

    TheShammer should go back to watching oprah. I’m sure she’ll tell you you’re beautiful regardless of how beastly you are.

  8. lol i love how muslim men want their women to be modest and coverd up from head to toe..but promotes them to be half naked sexy and made up with fake breast..contradict much? this is probably one of the most ridiculous sites up on the internet along with pedophiles and sure a true muslim would be ashamed of this

  9. Exactly u divorced and want ur wife to be sweet,covered up but ur posting pics of half naked women and u add the word Allah in almost all sentences r u even a Muslim u seem like a fake and before u go out cussing no I’m not a fat person and I have evn taken part in patents so hah shut the hell up

  10. I’m pretty sure this is a non-muslim site pretending to be muslim. First of all if you’re going to throw sown women like this you must at least have hadiths and ayats from the quran backing this up. Didn’t allah tell you to respect your wives? I think you guys are getting mixed up with the two between munafiqs and actual muslims. Those pictures I saw weren’t of muslim women. I’m a fourteen year old girl and I cannot leave my house without a jilbeeb (long hiijab) on because I feel uncovered maybe you’re so used to munafiqs saying they’re muslims but being uncovered that you treat women like trash in the first place. You have no right to talk this way. You wish death upon fat people may you get what Allah wants of you insha’allah

  11. @uri muslims only get four wives not nine dumb arse and they can only have that much if they treat each equally. Can u guys stop claiming to being muslims? This whole site is fake.

  12. there are more fatties in egypt then america belive it or not …oits prolly the standard of beauty

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