Allah, Please Make Her Stop Eating Cookies

Suicide by cookies, only in Great Satan America! Why, Allah, do you create such sickness in human beings!

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Founder of Fat Girl Jihad, Muhammad V is immensely disappointed in American women from time spent living in the Washington DC metropolitan area. In his spare time he entertains infidels over at Roosh V.

10 thoughts on “Allah, Please Make Her Stop Eating Cookies

  1. I think the Problem of Cookies is one of the most sophisticated challenges to Allah’s existence ever conceived. If he’s all-good and all-loving, then why allow such atrocities? This intellectual puzzle is one of the primary reasons I abandoned the Islamic faith years ago.


  3. Maybe she will do society a favor and explode. Why would anyone want to crack her? If they did, you would need a wench to pull them out. America still has the most beautiful women, get out and find them!!!

  4. Actually that’s a segment from a show that also includes a woman from the UK, so it’s not “only in America”

    By the way – unless they’re looking to hook up, do women owe men hotness? Not sarcasm, sincerely interested. Does obesity or general ugliness offend you or hurt you if we’re not looking for a partner?

  5. Wow! Owe men hotness? That’s a hard question. You can’t turn back time. 🙂 Obesity is disgusting! Ugly? The elephant man? Hmmm….i would choose ugly (if they made me feel alive) over a goodlooking person anyday.

  6. Allah made men, and made them free to do that which is stupid. Fat chicks abuse the privilege. What she’s doing is a crime against humanity, not just her own, but against everyone who is forced to look at her. And she isn’t a woman. She’s a creature from hell.

  7. She’s also stupid. She deserves her fate. I just hope it comes sooner than later.

  8. Alideen, she stays in her home. While I think that making your son do all the work for you is abuse, nobody else has to look at her unless they watch this video.

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