Have A Miserable Christmas, InFATdels!

Being a devout Muslim, I do not celebrate heathen holidays like Christmas. Nonetheless, as a man of good taste, I enjoy music from all corners of the globe… except when fat girls are singing:


A heffalump lies in on a tacky couch like a cow on the slaughterhouse conveyor belt, wobbling her stomach rolls as if she were a stripper working the pole. God strike me down now. Her singing talent is perfectly matched to her physical fitness — she’s off-key, can’t stay in time, and can’t carry a tune to save her inFATdel life.

Remembering my holy duty, I left this comment on the video under the handle “Betawulf”:

LMAO at this oinker, let’s play Spot the Cliches:

Endless stomach rolls
Cellulite-ridden thighs
Pasty skin
Shapeless face
Thin lips
Dorky glasses
Unwarranted self-importance
Horrible off-key singing

All you’re missing is a plate of donuts to snack on.

As of this writing, she has yet to approve my truthful words. Her fat girl ego must be crushed. This is a perfect opportunity, my brothers — swarm BBW Little Lin’s video and downvote her into oblivion. Bring God’s wrath upon the blasphemers!

13 thoughts on “Have A Miserable Christmas, InFATdels!

  1. Omigod, what a horrible sight. She needs to be locked up in a cage for six months, and forced to live on the New Atkins Diet.

    Reminds me one time my wife left Mexico City for Cancun to be with our niece who was having hernia surgery. A few days later, she called me and suggested I meet her at her brother’s house in Cordoba.

    I grabbed a taxi to go to the correct bus station. He went a different route, past the Zocalo and Templo Mayor. A block or two later, were women, lovely women like the one in the video, heh, heh, in very short skirts, simply standing on the sidewalk along the street. I told the taxi driver, “If I am ever desperate enough for something like that, I hope my friends put me out of my misery.”

  2. SuzyQ is morbidly obese and desires a submissive male for training.

    Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot!

  3. I was eating when I opened that video.
    Thanks Abdul…

    Anyways, after voting her down, I flagged the video as repulsive because it might promote terrorism (one of the options The Google leaves for flagging videos).

  4. ” I flagged the video as repulsive because it might promote terrorism (one of the options The Google leaves for flagging videos).”

    Dear Allah I don’t believe this is true. Google might as well have a flag option that says “promotes Islam.” This bigotry is unacceptable.

  5. We need to rip down the assholes that keep telling her and other tubbos that they are sexy. There are at least four men on her vid saying how sexy she is and her voice is amazing. Then the other tard asking why so many dislikes. Really?!?!?!

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  7. Ignoring every other bit of nonsense that makes up this steaming pile of opinionated ranting, I would like to take offense to the comment regarding glasses. Why is this relevant?

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