A Message From Allah

What, praise be to Allah, brought on this porcine plague, this ever present bovine bestiality,  this acceptance of huge folds of fatty flesh, where rotundity is now the new normal, where finding a fold is all a warrior brother can expect out of an infidel  woman. How brothers, did we get here to this point where we are on the verge of our goal of conquering the American infidel to only be left with whale like women to make our polygamous wives?

Personally for me and with Allah’s guidance, I feel the Jihad to take over this country is going to have to wait for a while. We can’t as fanatic Muslim brothers take this country over and be left with the fat-ass women that these stupid Americans have allowed to grow fat beyond any boundaries of attractiveness. So, the course of our Jihad has to change for a while. Now we have to have a singular intifada to make sure that when we take over this country, there are no fat girls left. Allah commands that his holy warriors either have sex and sons with slender girls or become martyrs, where his goodness will reward them with 72 virgins. Thing is, Allah never tells us what these virgins will look like.

They have to look a lot better than what Haid D’Salaami is seeing here in America…Allah is Akbar, he will provide for his faithful warriors in the afterlife. And he told me personally in a vision what they will look like…

I wasn’t always the pious, fanatical Muslim warrior you see before you today. I was much like the majority of these spineless, soulless American men we see surrounding us. I took the same track that the godless infidel I used to be was expected to take. Good job, married, the white picket fence and a dog. But something happened shortly after I married what at the time was a lovely, slender young girl. Bodily expansion of my young wife started occurring almost immediately. I could see it happening daily, it was like she hooked up an air hose and added a few litres of air every day. Except this wasn’t air, it was increasing volumes of fat. A few years and eighty pounds later, I couldn’t stand anymore; I knew I had to get out and so I did. Even in my soulless, godless infidel state, I just couldn’t be seen with a fattie. Single life afterwards wasn’t much better, I was surrounded by land whales and if I did happen to cross paths with a slender girl, she was beset upon by doughy males like a young boy in a Pashtun village…

Then my world changed…I went to Europe…

Now your average European woman isn’t much different than your average American woman…except for the Muslim women. Europe has a sizeable Turkish population and the average one is slender and attractive. I know, I know they wear headscarves and voluminous robe type dresses for the most part, but believe me, those girls were HOT. Plus, they were deferential to their spouses, sweet natured and obviously took care of themselves.

After a month there, I started visiting mosques. During prayers one morning, I had an epiphany. It was like Allah himself visited my spirit and gave me a purpose. “Go back to the United States and tell your brothers that this fat epidemic must be eliminated. I have plans for that country and I will not tolerate an entire country populated with fat women. My warriors must be rewarded, and even though I am the great and merciful Allah, my eyes burn with the abomination that is the fat American woman.”

After an entire life filled with fat acceptance indoctrination, this message from Allah set my spirit to burning. The Jihad had to be waged until the porcine plague was eliminated or I was martyred in the holy endeavor…

As Allah is Akbar, as soon as I returned to the states, I found this site. A site with fellow warriors, all with a singular purpose, eradicate the fattie as the normal in this country or be martyred trying. So, what can we do? Actually a lot, number one, never ever be seen with one, number two, shame any woman that you know that has a bovine body shape and three, make fun of any woman that has excess corpulence during your daily business. And never, never, never date or have sex with one. That only tells the rest of the herd that it is possible to be fat as hell and still get laid.

There’s a very good command from Allah for that last reason. Remember I wrote earlier that Allah told me what our virgins would look like if we in our holy mission were martyred?  In the message that Allah sent me those many months ago during morning prayers, in his infinite wisdom, he told me “If you are martyred, your virgins will look a lot like the last woman you fucked”.

Allah is Akbar; take that warning very seriously…

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  2. I hope you end up alone or very fat with women laughing at you. I’m laughing right now because you sound like a very bitter brainwashed person.

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