Retarded Fat Woman Is Famous Celebrity In America

Her channel has over 11 million views. Why Allah do you make this retarded fat woman famous and rich from Youtube advertisements while I suffer for you?

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Founder of Fat Girl Jihad, Muhammad V is immensely disappointed in American women from time spent living in the Washington DC metropolitan area. In his spare time he entertains infidels over at Roosh V.

10 thoughts on “Retarded Fat Woman Is Famous Celebrity In America

  1. Have courage, Mohammad the Wise – Allah will repay you for your service to mankind with an eternal harem of petite 18year old slutty virgins with great asses in the afterlife!


  3. You dern illegal muslins just hate America and all its cultural symbols, like Jabba the Hutt.

  4. Perhaps your real question is back at yourself… Why are you ‘worshiping’ any god? Isn’t that the reason you are suffering… Jeeese… perhaps if you were not genuflecting and groveling and worried about some ‘god’ out there… or worried about some girl on you tube… you would be empowering yourself as your own goddess… and the universe completely supports those who enable them self! In other words, get a Life… stop praying to this fantasy Allah, or Jesus…or Buddha… k? !

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