Fat Camp

More fat apologizing from the New York Times. They describe how fat people pay $2,000 for a one-week fat fantasy camp so that people think they are trying their damnedest to lose weight. They think it will take just a few days for them to lose poundage, then they go back home and make up for lost time by eating more pizza and potato chips than ever.

The concept of work ethic in America has been lost.

7 thoughts on “Fat Camp

  1. Realistically, it will take a combination of things that don’t take too much effort to make them lose weight. Trying to get girls to do things that require willpower is a losing battle in itself. The entire thing has to be rebranded like they did with smoking, make them remember that feeling sexy and desirable is actually a good thing.

    You actually have to teach them this like you have to teach men how to make small talk with girls. You know how bad it is in the US, I see girls here in Texas all the time that have a good body and face but cut their hair short and wear track suits, baggy sweatpants, hoodies, “business casual clothing” and goofball boots. It makes it impossible to have a sexy party.

    The incentive system is all wrong, as has been dealt with in depth by many other writers. I’m going to test a series of ads using Plenty of Fish’s self serve platform to target fat women, broken down into different demographic profiles, see if I can figure something out.

  2. If any of you tedious bunch of effected twats think your gonna fuck something like that “cinderfuckenrella”….keep creamin to that never never land. HAW!!!

  3. This camp includes classes on how to exercise and eat healthy. The trainers show them the best ways to train. People don´t go there hoping for a miracle, they want to change their lives. This is a positive step in the American obesity epidemic, I don´t see why this makes you upset; people are actually improving their lifestyles in order to not be fat.

  4. It’s funny… Yeah fat may be disgusting, but so is everyone here who thinks they’re so awesome. You people need to grow the fuck up, and get a life. Really I’m sad that you actually put time and effort on a regular basis into this… Obsessed much? Go get laid… OH WAIT… Fat people can lose weight, your likely ugliness and overarching retardation are forever!

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  6. I think people are missing the point here, about the solution to losing weight, and it’s about women and men. There are fat asses everything. The best way to lose weight is a plant based diet, whole foods. Not even vegan either, no ethics involved, but rather eat a shit ton of greens, vegetables, little fruit and get the fuck outside. It’s that simple (Except that you have to eat less if you’re working out, no matter what diet it is)

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