The Entitlement Bitch

The fat satan that is destroying the world has begun to feel full of itself (no pun intended).  It has begun to think that is as valuable to Allah as a real person!  Behold the face of satan!

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Mahboob has been fighting the good fight against fat people ever since he moved to an American beach and noticed that the morbidly obese shop at victoria secret and wear skimpy beachwear without shame. He writes under his catholic name (it's like dual citizenship, but with religion) over at The Alpha Persona.

16 thoughts on “The Entitlement Bitch

  1. I beg your permission to do posts like these in my blog. We are also suffering the fucking fat satan in our shitty fat country, Mexico.

  2. This is disgusting you lot should be ashamed, your the reason thousands of people suffer with eating disorders! You should all seariously think about the things you say and how that will affect others and their confidence.

  3. Want to see the face of evil? Look in the mirror. The world would be a billion times better of hatred like yours was leached from the world. YOU are the reason people put guns in their mouths. YOU are the reason that people starve themselves into their graves. YOU are the bullies on the playground that pick on everyone else to make you feel better. YOU are SATAN incarnate trying to act like you’re a god. Well you aren’t…you’re just a tiny person with a tiny mind who needs to knock everyone else down in order to feel superior. Nothing anybody could say to you will change this in you and I know this is a waste of time because I’m willing to bet you delete this as soon as you see it, but in the off case that they don’t…if you’re an overweight person who happens upon this complete and utter HATE SPEECH just walk away and don’t give it another thought. Someday that will face judgment for how they are treating others and for perpetuating the hate born of satan to loves to make us all feel unworthy of love and force us into the habits he would prefer to see in us. Don’t let him win!

  4. You have no right to call yourself a muslim. As muslims, we are taught to follow the ways of the prophet, Muhammmad (PBUH). The prophet never discriminated anyone. You’re just a stupid psychotic person like all those others that people make fun of. Instead of hating on fat people, you should promote a healthy life style.

    Don’t think you aren’t going to be punished for such actions. Having any sort of hate is a major sin.

  5. Different people interpret the koran differently.The obesity of the united states is growing, destroying the lives of millions of people. The obesity is what we hate. We are helping the world bye showing some resistance to this disgusting obesity trend led by fat girls.

  6. dude you all are nuts that are supporting fat people, 73% of american women are obsese what happens in the next few decades when almost 100 percent are obese? you are destroying your own society by letting girls get so fat

  7. To all the trolls . . . piss off ! No one here is making fat chicks put guns in their mouths. They’re too busy putting food in them. Fat girls are disgusting. They need to know that they’re unhappy because they’re fat. If they get fit, then all their problems are solved. Real talk !

  8. DUDE are you kidding me.. MEN ARE FAT AS SHIT IN AMERICA! look in the mirror haters.. the term couch potato was coined for fat ass men who sit around eating pizza watching football..

  9. Jews and Chinese are incompatible with fat gals because of their small dicks. Sub-Saharan Africans don`t mind obese women, they can poke them.

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