Fatness and Self-Loathing

The question I ask:

Why do people let themselves become fat?

Is it laziness? Apathy towards others? A brain disorder? Possessed by demons?
I’m not sure, but when I think of the times I’ve tried to convince infatfidels of losing weight I’ve noticed a pattern.

No matter how many times I would cite the advantages of regular exercise and losing weight –

Increased attractiveness to the opposite sex
Fewer health ailments, thereby saving hundreds of thousands in the long run
More energy
Stress relief

Fatties always would deliver excuses as to why they cannot change their diet or go to the gym.

“I get laid.” or “Guys still date me.”
“My health insurance comes with the job.” or “My health is fine.”
“The gym is too tiring.” or “I don’t have the time.”
“I’m not stressed at all.” or “Not accepting my weight is stressful!”

I’ve reached the following conclusion: Fat people must not like something about themselves. Their objections to losing weight are a denial of reality. The only reason people would deny, with total conviction, something easily demonstrable as the benefits of a healthy weight is to protect their self-esteem.

What are they protecting their self-esteem from?

Instead of facing the truth about their destructive lifestyle habits, infatfidels deny-rationalize away their fatness, much like a drug addict. And, like the addict, they avoid confronting how little they value themselves by focusing on the pleasure of eating food.

Therefore, the fatter a person is, the more they hate themselves. The cycle of self-destruction is ignore who they are or what they’ve become, so fatness is the addiction that helps one forget about being fat.

So I propose a different solution to pleasing Allah, and removing fat from America. In addition to fatness being shamed publicly, fatties should be consulted on an individual level in a way to boost their self-esteem into losing more weight.

That’s right.  There must be some kind of niceness to our jihad.  We must use encouragement-shaming.

For example, when talking to a friend, family, or, god forbid, lover, about their fat problem, encourage them to lose weight while condescending them:

“You deserve a better life.”
“There’s no reason to treat yourself like that.”
“You should feel happy with yourself.”
“Don’t let others think less of you.”

Notice the fatty is made more depressed about his/her condition while given the opportunity to redeem themselves by losing weight.  Encouragement-shaming is a devious psychological manipulation that works to make a person feel as if they could be superior provided they make sufficient changes to their behavior.

I’m convinced that public shaming combined with private encouragement-shaming would encourage millions of fatties everywhere to make changes to their lifestyle.

But until then, fat people will continue to hate themselves.

6 thoughts on “Fatness and Self-Loathing

  1. I think what you’re saying is ridiculous. I’ve been skinny and now I’m curvy and I prefer it like this. Mind you, seeing what country you are from and what you believe in, no wonder you think all this LOLs

  2. Fat people hate themselves because of people like you in the world who feel as if they are the “know-all” when it comes to healthy lifestyles. Because “shame” has worked so well for them all their lives, that they just get up and lose the weight exponentially? That’s right! Didn’t you know it! A fattie would rather be fat than be skinny – they made that choice, right? They choose to live in a world where there are people like you constantly degrading and dehumanizing them instead of simply… losing the weight. Because it’s that simple too, right? Just get off the couch, you lazy slob!

    If it were so easy, it wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know of any one, personally, that would choose to be fat over thin.

  3. who the hell types these cybertrash? you probably have free access to the internet from wherever your herd of goats graze. FYI, i love a fat, curvy girl to an anorexic girraffe anyday!

  4. i’d agree except…this kind of thing would only encourage an epidemic of anorexia and bulimia, you see as you said people who are fat have very low self-esteem and feel badly about themselves. this is true. now as you know in America there is a need for instant gratification. therefore, especially due to their low self-esteem, which leads to depression and unstable mental health, people will start going about their weight loss by unhealthy means–anything to lose weight and fast.

    then, we will not only have a bunch of people walking around with rotting teeth, ribs poking out, and compromised immune systems and organs, but once they return to regular eating–if they don’t die first–they will gain more weight back and probably become even more obese.

    so you see, i know this is a joke but, i just wanted to point out that this kind of thinking is detrimental. the key is in the mental healthcare in this country. people are too stupid to get help for depression etc, and many institutions have been shut down. so, there is no solution in trying to change these people, people need to change themselves or live with the consequences.

  5. I’ve noticed a pattern here of claiming that having any weight is unhealthy, when in fact there is plenty of proof that you can be overweight and healthy or skinny and a tumor-riddled smoker.

  6. You come off as wanting to help Americans loose those extra pounds, but it’s actually for a selfish reason, not for health only for something nice for you to look at, I was 95 lbs and under weight thought I was huge, then I got multiple autoimmune diseases after pregnancy that made me over weight trust me I was devastated, and if someone shamed me I would of gave up, I knew and was aware what I looked like but my body was doing this to me, not my little amount of food I ate or trying to workout constantly if I could handle the amount of pain I was in at the time, now I have lost 50lbs and at a normal weight but still struggle and fat shaming someone for not having control. I matter what they do isn’t ok, people are fighting their own battles.. For the record I know some are lazy hell we all are sometimes but to put someone down and shamed because you want something pretty to look at is selfish, that’s what Photoshop is for.

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