Tax The Fat

Fat people should pay extra for goods and services in the form of taxes and surcharges.

When fat people fly, they should pay more to cover the fuel burden their fat asses cost the rest of us.

The taxes should go to help pay for roads and sidewalks, which fatties of course rarely use unless absolutely necessary,  because of the extra wear and tear.

Fat taxes should go to cover their obesee-as-hell health-related problems.

Fat girls in particular should pay a tax which should go in a fund to be used by men in need of psychological counseling after suffering the horror of being subjected to their disgusting appearance and, Allah-forbid it, a come on by a fattie. Ewwwwwwww.

Just think of the benefits to society! Fatties will find their extra poundage difficult to sustain and will (horror!) have to start cutting back at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Chik-Fila, Cane’s, Carl’s Jr. (or Hardees), Dominoes, Papa John’s, Long John Silver’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Arby’s, Sonic, Burger King, Gold Star Chili, White Castle, Huddle House, Jack in the Box, Krystal, Dairy Queen, Fatburger (hahahahahaha!), Steak ‘n Shake, Waffle House, and Dunkin’ Donuts (just to name a few.)

Our costs will go down, and theirs will go up. We’ll be able to spend that saved money to do whatever we please, including traveling to lands far off where the women are thin and feminine, where they say things like, “What is hamburger?”, where they ask if there’s anything they can do for us after cooking, cleaning and giving us a ball-draining blowjob. We’ll be free from the fatties!

No more will we be shackled to their fat! They’ll have to, quite literally, pull their own weight.

Allah doesn’t want us to be a slaves to your fat, so get your fat ass off of us!! Let us be free to roam as a healthy and attractive Allah-loving/fearing men!!

Tax the Fat!!

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Zakar hails from the land of plenty, i.e., the land of too much, of fat girls: America. He is joining his brothers in war against this plague of extra pounds, sweatpants, uggs, and everything else that fat girls do and embody.

26 thoughts on “Tax The Fat

  1. I think this is a good idea, but I’d alter it slightly to taxing the shit out of fast food and junk food in general. That way, the fatties are less likely to buy it ’cause its so expensive. They’ll HAVE to eat better, or starve. Either way they’ll get thinner.

    Alternatively, exempting the 2-3% who are overweight due to medical problems and heaping on payment responsibilities on the rest of the blubber would also lead to a thinner populace.

  2. I understand the premise of this and that it is meant to be in jest, but there is a… special vitriol in it that leaves a bad feeling. Not the best place to be placed.

    One factor that is not considered here is that diets are not that different worldwide now but there is considerable radiation poisoning from nuclear testing in the US. Ever notice all the people without thyroids? This is not normal.

    People need positive, motivational things to achieve physical wellness… this just creates more problems as they use their weight as a buffer from, well, evil.

  3. Okay! I’m fat. I’m not even mad at this site, I’m fascinated really. Who could care this much about reducing people to nothings? That the physical and psychological torture of living with your soul and body trapped in fat is so much crueller than anything you could ever come up with should cause you to consider that it is not a choice, not the way you think it is. But I suppose you won’t.

  4. @ FatGirl.

    In the wise words of Mr. Daring II:

    “I hate you because that willpower and discipline are easy to find, if you wish them to be, but rather than change yourself, which is a very achievable goal, you’d rather try to change me, and the rest of the world. You’re arrogant in that respect, thinking that losing 50lbs is harder than changing the minds of the masses. You expect me to accept you, when you buy specially designed fat clothes to hide your shame.”

    Look – you clearly don’t get it. Rather than take the responsibility, and find the resolve and tenacity, (you already have it – if you feel being fat is such a torturous experience, right?) direct that into a positive, constructive program that will help you get to a healthy weight, you choose to hide behind your clever veil of “it’s not a choice.”

    Why are you fat? You can blame nature all you want, but at the end of the day, its your fat ass choosing NOT to go to the gym, NOT spending the money to hire a professional trainer/nutritionist, NOT putting down the can of soda, candy or whatever other garbage that makes people fat. You weight, lifestyle and everything that makes up your image – is YOUR decision. You’re right, you didn’t choose to be fat, you choose not to care enough to NOT be fat.

    So STOP this bullshit “the world is so cruel to us fat people,” – it’s not, I see fat people every where, and think – “this is why I’m pro-choice.”.

  5. @Asad-it’s really nt the food since people 50 years ago were eating a lot more food with a higher fat content. It’s not exercise either because a normal young female doesn’t need it to stay the normal weight and people never jogged years ago or went to gyms unless they were pro atheletes. A hamburger isn’t going to make you fat either. The problem is just the sheer overeating of everything which is why even a lot of kids today are lardarses. Even on the best diet these females will still be obese if they constantly eat. Even eating fish and vegetables all the time will make you fat if you eat a lot of it. The American female has no self control (in anything) and no respect for the men who have to be affronted by their fat bodies. Femalesmust be put back under the complete control of men who will monitor their eating, dressing and behaviour. Policemen should also be used to give out summonses to fat improperly covered females because this really amounts to indecent exposure.

  6. Asad, you don’t get it. I have lost, and gained, hundreds of pounds in my lifetime. The last time I lost 170 pounds, only to gain it all back plus 30 pounds more in what seemed a blink. It seems clear to me that you couldn’t begin to locate the empathy to understand how utterly soul crushing that is, played over and over again in a lifetime. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of hiding and stashing food, sneaking it and even stealing it. It is such a deeply grooved compulsion that it takes the barest emotional wind to blow the needle back in for months and years of spinning helplessly. To be at war with your own brain is as painful and complex as it gets. You talk about willpower, but willpower is a finite resource. You’re confidence that you could will away a constant internal scream to eat for reasons other than hunger minute after minute and hour after hour and day after day is surely misplaced. It has taken me decades to even begin to untangle any of this and have some faint hope that I might achieve peace and balance and health with patience and effort and self forgiveness. You think you know, but you know nothing. As mindlessly cruel as the world is to overweight women, the whole lot of you combined could never be as hard on me as I am on myself. So whatever. Have fun. Knock yourself out.

  7. @Fatgirl,
    If you were at all as hard on yourself as you claim society is, then you would lose weight. All of the excuses fat people come up with to stay fat are just minimizing the efforts thin people put in to keep themselves thin. It’s no easier for me to stay thin than anybody else. I have problems in life, people aren’t always kind to me, and I love junk food just like everybody else.
    But the big difference between people like us, and people like you is we know we are empowered to shape our bodies to pretty much what we want them to be. We want to be healthy, we understand it takes at times willpower. And probably most importantly, we don’t accept the multitude of delusional excuses that have become stylish in American culture. And don’t fool yourself, or worse yet try to fool me, Americans have become dangerously delusional.
    The hard fact is that you’re really no different than a drug addict or an alcoholic. We have no trouble giving them tough consequences when they become a danger to society. So consider this your intervention. You can ignore it, go with the delusions, or try to deal with the consequences.

  8. believe it or not..some people dont mind being fat chunky chubby..whatever you want to call it. some people feel the same way about being fat as you do about being skinny..i think if it doesnt affect you to see a fat person then why should you care ..fat people pay as much if not more as much taxes as everyone else..i see it as a personal lifestyle some being an alcoholic or smoking or using some its stimulating to the eyes and body to see a fat person..its beautiful as healthy as you want..but dont judge people who dont want to be like you or everyone else.

  9. It’s always funny how some people break up bodies into two categories; fat and skinny. I’d have to assume ‘skinny’ includes muscular, athletic (as in run/swim), skinny (as in little muscle or fat), and so on.

    Those above are people who won’t have health problems due to their weight. The other two, anorexic and fat, do have problems. I’ve only met a few people who consider being fat as a ‘lifestyle’ who prefer to stay that way, and they are either mentally ill just like anorexics, uneducated, or in denial that it’s unhealthy. I don’t consider alcoholics and drug addicts are no worse.

  10. A year ago this 5’8, 230 pound guy asked me out. I am 5’3, 110 pounds. I exercise, eat healthy, and try to watch what I do. The only reason I said no was because he’s overweight, but I couldn’t tell him to his face. He was such a good guy but I just couldn’t overlook the fatness. I’ve dated ugly and poor guys, but can’t take fat. It’s such a taboo in society to call someone out

  11. For being fat. I wish I told him honestly, because he reaaly is a good guy, but doesn’t get any…

  12. God damn, if you tax them too much they might lose weight. I say tax them every time they fart instead. I like chunky bitches.

  13. All I have to say is that this idea is the most superficial asshole idea I have heard in my life. You must watch shit loads of tv and have gotten horrible grades to think this. First off this taxe is not only morally incorrect it is in fact unconstitutional. Being fat is not only a form of expression (which cannot be taxed) sometimes it is uncontrolable. Such as a thyroid problem or extremely slow metabolism. Just because you don’t like fat people doesn’t mean you have to go out of you rights and suggest such an infantile act and think everyone agrees. For fat people who direly want to lose weight just the fact there is nothing they can do is torture enough. You can’t kick them while their down. And don’t go all they need to do is stop eating, because it’s not that easy and sometimes that won’t help due to medical conditions. As well your a dick that should not even dare use the name Allah (Muslim for god) in such unholy a statement. I will say it now that i am going out with a fat chick and guess what she has bigger tits and ass than any lanky as bitch you will see on Cosmo or vogue. There is a reason they say fat and ugly, because just being far isn’t ugly it is different. And for all you fat haters out there have fun fucking your bed, because even if you have a little dick it will go right through her. And if you are a real man have fun with them big girls. Cause they know how to treat a man I would know I am dating one.

  14. Wow…I can’t believe there are actually warped people out here who think this way. I think it’s rather ridiculous to say that skinny people keep themselves that way…my friend has a 32″ waist and eats anything and everything in sight. His cholesterol and blood pressure are out of control and he also drinks and smokes. I, on the other hand am overweight or fat, however you wish to term it. I eat a relatively healthy diet, I work out daily and stay active, don’t smoke or drink alcohol and yet I still fight my weight. So you’re saying I should be taxed and not my friend? Wake up…you may have the right to say what you want, but so do I and you should just consider yourself lucky that you can hide behind your website. Only people who fear the unknown would dare say things like this from a website and never truly face the accused. Go screw yourself.

  15. Isn’t it about time we taxed anyone who was prejudiced against anyone else, every time they discriminated against anyone for any reason. I think globally we’d make more money for good causes by taxing these idiots instead.

  16. Being fat is a choice, a tiny tiny percentage of land whales actually have any medical condition to justify being disgusting. No matter how slow your metabolism is, or how bad your “genetics” are, if you only eat 2000 calories a day you will be healthy and cost society less when your ass doesn’t have to go to hospital. Fat = Lazy persons choice

  17. Whatever happened to this site?

    It was such a great idea, but then the shaming of mud sharks came to an end…

  18. You are pushing our beloved Allah to punish you, like being made fat or maybe letting everyone how small a man you are. Blessings

  19. Okay, good idea. Then let’s talk about slapping joggers and bicyclists with an environmental tax because they’re breathing harder and releasing more greenhouse gas. Let’s tax lazy bums who post crap like this on the Internet for the extra electricity they use. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about how healthy food is generally much more expensive than junk food.

  20. Thedeadapprentice, Angie and KK *high five*
    Alex – Technically, several studies have shown that it is chemicals in cities that tend to impact weight as much as personal choice. One study fed two sets of mice the exact same portions of the exact same food, but one set got pollutants. Guess which set gained more weight? The polluted set.

  21. “have to start cutting back at McDonald’s, Wendy’s …”

    Won’t work. Fat people are fat because they eat cheap foot with no nutrients, and their bodies have to trawl buckets of the stuff for the occasional vitamin e molecule or magnesium atom. Like filter feeders.

    Simply reducing their money wont achieve the goal: they’ll resort to eating plain pasta to temporarily relive the hunger.

  22. Tax the skinny,skinny people are a embarrassment to america,the rest of the WORLD loves FAT,

  23. Okay , first I wanna take a deep breath.

    You , are most probably the most arrogant narcisstic assholic person I ever met! I can’t believe how you’d put this on a site named ‘fat jihad’! Because you’re turning your hurtful, horrible idea and ways into Islam! Islam never encourages people into doing these things and never will. I should know , because I’m a muslim and I know how God askes us to be happy and love ourselves no matter what. And it surely won’t approve of your narcisstic ways!
    You probably disagree , but I know for a fact that fat people go through so much already! So much self hate and depression is caused because of the way society treats them. I know because I were once fat.
    Being fat isn’t always because you know nothing better but to eat, but maybe for medical or genetic reasons. Think.
    And some fat people (that I know) are such amazing people that I never judge them for their weight or overlook them. I bet they’re worth so much more than an arrogant ass that does nothing but sit behind his computer and goes around making up rules because of ones body.
    It’s a hundred times better to have a fat body and heart than to be skinny and have no heart.
    I hope to god that this site gets reported and taken down for good!!!

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