Why Fat Acceptance Will Ultimately Fail

Besides the fact that God doesn’t have enough food in heaven to feed the infatdels, fat acceptance will fail because those who aren’t fat will never find fat women to be attractive. In other words, it goes against the very principle of evolution (which I must say I’m not allowed to believe because of my Muslim status).

Only if everyone is fat will it be accepted, but there is the biological impossibility for many human beings to stuff their pie hole beyond normal satedness. I’m sure you’ve heard of infidels that say, “I can’t gain weight even if I try.” Therefore there will always be a basal level of skinny people who find having 50 extra pounds of fat engulfing their body and stinking up their pores to be more reprehensible than stepping inside a Christian church (except in the case of tourism). I rather succumb to the wickedness of Shaytan than accept fat people!

Look at what the infidel media published recently: Is the fat acceptance movement bad for our health?

Now I’m not a scientist, and don’t believe much in the way of science besides what was already discovered around 622 C.E., but Holy Shit is this a rhetorical question? Fat propaganda aside, fat acceptance will fail because fat is:

  • Unhealthy
  • Ugly
  • Smelly
  • A huge burden on public health
  • Expensive
  • Disgusting
  • Anti-Islam (read the Qur’an)
  • Make difficult to have sex without having to know physics in order to move woman around safely in bed

I close with a passage from the Holy Book:

“The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives.” Bukhari (62:6)

I’ll bet you 100 Saudi riyals that they were all thin. Thank Allah that the Prophet does not have to witness the condition that the female race is in today.

3 thoughts on “Why Fat Acceptance Will Ultimately Fail

  1. Thank you brother Mohammad for such an awesome post. The fact that the prophet had sex with all nine wives in one night, motivates me greatly to bang 9 women in one night.


  3. Mohammad, I encourage you to never return to Washington, DC. Then you won’t have to see what offends you.

    But your quotes from the Koran might be contributing to what bugs you. If a woman could avoid having sex with a male whose just had sex with 8 other women by being fat, more than a few just might order up some burgers and fries.

    BTW, we may be fat, but we made sure Osama Bin Laden actually did something useful. He fed crustaceans, thanks to us.

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