About Moemin

Moemin, a longtime friend of American Holy Warrior Samseau, is an Egyptian currently living in the fatburbs of Boston. Struggling to adhere to his faith, he wages jihad against the rolling tides of intifata.

Fatness and Self-Loathing

The question I ask:

Why do people let themselves become fat?

Is it laziness? Apathy towards others? A brain disorder? Possessed by demons?
I’m not sure, but when I think of the times I’ve tried to convince infatfidels of losing weight I’ve noticed a pattern.

No matter how many times I would cite the advantages of regular exercise and losing weight –

Increased attractiveness to the opposite sex
Fewer health ailments, thereby saving hundreds of thousands in the long run
More energy
Stress relief

Fatties always would deliver excuses as to why they cannot change their diet or go to the gym.

“I get laid.” or “Guys still date me.”
“My health insurance comes with the job.” or “My health is fine.”
“The gym is too tiring.” or “I don’t have the time.”
“I’m not stressed at all.” or “Not accepting my weight is stressful!”

I’ve reached the following conclusion: Fat people must not like something about themselves. Their objections to losing weight are a denial of reality. The only reason people would deny, with total conviction, something easily demonstrable as the benefits of a healthy weight is to protect their self-esteem.

What are they protecting their self-esteem from?

Instead of facing the truth about their destructive lifestyle habits, infatfidels deny-rationalize away their fatness, much like a drug addict. And, like the addict, they avoid confronting how little they value themselves by focusing on the pleasure of eating food.

Therefore, the fatter a person is, the more they hate themselves. The cycle of self-destruction is ignore who they are or what they’ve become, so fatness is the addiction that helps one forget about being fat.

So I propose a different solution to pleasing Allah, and removing fat from America. In addition to fatness being shamed publicly, fatties should be consulted on an individual level in a way to boost their self-esteem into losing more weight.

That’s right.  There must be some kind of niceness to our jihad.  We must use encouragement-shaming.

For example, when talking to a friend, family, or, god forbid, lover, about their fat problem, encourage them to lose weight while condescending them:

“You deserve a better life.”
“There’s no reason to treat yourself like that.”
“You should feel happy with yourself.”
“Don’t let others think less of you.”

Notice the fatty is made more depressed about his/her condition while given the opportunity to redeem themselves by losing weight.  Encouragement-shaming is a devious psychological manipulation that works to make a person feel as if they could be superior provided they make sufficient changes to their behavior.

I’m convinced that public shaming combined with private encouragement-shaming would encourage millions of fatties everywhere to make changes to their lifestyle.

But until then, fat people will continue to hate themselves.

Occupy Fat Street

Earlier this year, my brothers began their struggle against the corruption and tyranny of Hosni Mubarak. Faced with punishments of torture and death, their jihad was one of the more successful efforts of the Arab Spring whose progress, although marred with much bloodshed and suffering, continues to this day.

I look back to my brothers as a source of inspiration for the American Winter I will share with my fellow Fat Girl Jihad Warriors, who have decided to protest until everlasting shame falls upon the obese American woman and her international sisters. Men need wives, as many as possible, and these wives must be fit, healthy, and attractive in order to bring more of Allah’s creation forth.

Therefore, I shall risk my reputation, my fortune, and possibly my green card so that America will no longer accept the crushing weight inside of its borders.

That’s why I call out to any man with a healthy libido — TO OCCUPY FAT STREET.

NO LONGER MUST MEN COVER THEIR EYES TO BLOCK OUT THE MONSTROSITY KNOWN AS THE AMERICAN WOMAN — either she must cover herself up in drab or perform strenuous cleaning duties in all of my chicken coops and fed only bread and water until her appearance becomes acceptable.

To accomplish this task, we must fight the infidels at their stronghold:

According to the Lancet, based upon the (utterly bogus) BMI, 68% of Americans are overweight or heavier. That’s more than two thirds! Imagine if all of these people had a new awareness. Imagine if all of these people (and their thin allies) began to see that fat wasn’t bad, that diets don’t work, that discrimination against fat people is wrong, and that people having a diversity of bodies is beautiful. Imagine the healing that could happen for all of us.

Behold, the demon who wrote such infectious nonsense:

Our enemy is formidable

If you have trouble fitting the blasphemer on your screen, I understand. Try increasing your resolution to 1600×1400 or more.

But this woman creature, and the millions like her it, are our God-sworn enemies. Satan’s spawn wish to do nothing but bring harm and misery to the world, so we must make our stand be known:

1. Only fat people are responsible for their fatness.
2. Fat people bring shame to everyone who is associated with them.
3. Improvement begins with the next meal, and workout.

Even though we may only be part of the 32% —