Tax The Fat

Fat people should pay extra for goods and services in the form of taxes and surcharges.

When fat people fly, they should pay more to cover the fuel burden their fat asses cost the rest of us.

The taxes should go to help pay for roads and sidewalks, which fatties of course rarely use unless absolutely necessary,  because of the extra wear and tear.

Fat taxes should go to cover their obesee-as-hell health-related problems.

Fat girls in particular should pay a tax which should go in a fund to be used by men in need of psychological counseling after suffering the horror of being subjected to their disgusting appearance and, Allah-forbid it, a come on by a fattie. Ewwwwwwww.

Just think of the benefits to society! Fatties will find their extra poundage difficult to sustain and will (horror!) have to start cutting back at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Chik-Fila, Cane’s, Carl’s Jr. (or Hardees), Dominoes, Papa John’s, Long John Silver’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Arby’s, Sonic, Burger King, Gold Star Chili, White Castle, Huddle House, Jack in the Box, Krystal, Dairy Queen, Fatburger (hahahahahaha!), Steak ‘n Shake, Waffle House, and Dunkin’ Donuts (just to name a few.)

Our costs will go down, and theirs will go up. We’ll be able to spend that saved money to do whatever we please, including traveling to lands far off where the women are thin and feminine, where they say things like, “What is hamburger?”, where they ask if there’s anything they can do for us after cooking, cleaning and giving us a ball-draining blowjob. We’ll be free from the fatties!

No more will we be shackled to their fat! They’ll have to, quite literally, pull their own weight.

Allah doesn’t want us to be a slaves to your fat, so get your fat ass off of us!! Let us be free to roam as a healthy and attractive Allah-loving/fearing men!!

Tax the Fat!!

Bigger Is Not Better

My brothers, part of your work in this holiest of wars is not just to abstain and shame fat women, but to open your mind and alter your understanding. You must meditated on the teachings of Allah and come to realize one thing about the female figure. Bigger is not always better. While all of us would relish smashing our face into a firm perky pair of large voluptuous breasts or firmly grabbing the plump taught round ass of one of our wives, we must know that just because those features are beautiful on that one woman, does not mean that they are, in a general sense, beautiful on all women.

Shaytan has tricked many men, brainwashing them to repeat its rhetoric of false acceptance by decreeing big is beautiful! And yes, this is true, in rare cases where big shares the glory with perky and perfect, but this rarely the case. Imagine a woman tells you that beneath her burka she holds DD breasts, ripe for the fondling, but low you behold that she is a porcine sow and while her breasts are DD they are saggy and sad and hang low with the shame of a flabby poorly maintained body.

This is the lie that many of the rotund harlots ride out. They abuse our love for large breasts and asses and manipulate the truth to serve they’re own evil carnal pleasures. They lust for quality men and will regale you with stories of the immensity of their bust and the fullness of their ass because they wager that when time comes and you are in the throws of passion, when clothing comes off to reveal sad unshapely heaps of flesh, pocked with cellulite and stretch marks, that you will give in to the Fat Satan and commit a grievous sin.

Shaytan will trick you with the most devious gift he bestowed upon his corpulent servants, cleavage. It will draw your eye and suck you in with its enormity. That devilish crease betwixt her fleshy mounds looks inviting, but you must remember that with great fat comes great sag. The breasts that form that cleave will be stretched, nipples pointing straight down as if they know of the she beast to which they are attached. Be strong my brothers.

Know that it is your holy duty as a man to always choose to bed petite women even if that means laying with one who carries small but pert breasts and a tiny but firm ass. So it was written.

Peace be with you.