Forgive, But Show No Mercy!

Our war is not easy my brothers, no. The Fat Satan is a crafty but cowardly devil. This demon wages war not by its own hands, by but the hands of others! It will bend the will and mind of those we might call brother and ensnare them to do its bidding!

As we wage holy war the enemy we face on the frontlines of combat will not be the she-beasts whom which we wish to topple, no, it will be men! White Knights, Manginas, and confused Herbs will all take up arms against us! They have been poisoned by Shaytan and most likely are beyond saving.

They will come at you in various ways, and for this, you must be ready my brothers. Some will try to reason with you, explaining why we should overlook the most obvious flaws of fat women. They will try to persuade you with cunningly gentle words as to why fat is “beauty” though what they’re truly doing is attempting to vindicate themselves! They have made poor choices and bedded in the mud with the sows and the slop of shame does not rinse away easily, so rather then wash themselves of their sins they attempt to persuade all that they are in-fact NOT sins. Their trickery does not alter truth in the eyes of Allah.

Others will come at you with a frothing rage. They will bark and wail and gnash their teeth at you, for they are the truly lost souls. The White Knights of Shaytan whose minds are lost for eternity. They hide not their shame, for they have none. They see no ill doings in the bedding of beast women, they’ve been broken and guiled by the Hand of Shaytan, the feminist media, into believing fat women are beautiful. They’ll even say ridiculous things like “she is to skinny” to a girl who’s figure is slim and perfect.

The last foe you will meet are the Manginas, the quivering masses upon which the tyrannical fat dynasty is built. They are numerous to a point that they are almost beyond counting, but they are weak. These are men who lack the fire, untouched by the God Allah. They know what they do is wrong, and they know that the fat women with whom they associate are swine, but they see no hope. They foolishly believe it is better to stand beside the devil, then in his way. These are the ones whom we can free. They are the young souls who will carry on this holiest of wars, if only we can touch their spirit and lift them back into the graces!

As you wage war against your brothers forgive them. Forgive them for they have been duped, coerced, and swindled into fighting for a cause that, deep down, they know is wrong. They would look upon the foul rotund spawn of the Fat Satan, and ignore the facts which they know to be true! They will regurgitate the same lies of “acceptance” that the porcine harpies screech at every turn. But know this. They were good men. So forgive them, pray for them, may they find peace with Allah, but show them no mercy! Those who would defend our enemy shall feel nothing but the points of our righteous spears!

Khuda hafiz!