Bigger Is Not Better

My brothers, part of your work in this holiest of wars is not just to abstain and shame fat women, but to open your mind and alter your understanding. You must meditated on the teachings of Allah and come to realize one thing about the female figure. Bigger is not always better. While all of us would relish smashing our face into a firm perky pair of large voluptuous breasts or firmly grabbing the plump taught round ass of one of our wives, we must know that just because those features are beautiful on that one woman, does not mean that they are, in a general sense, beautiful on all women.

Shaytan has tricked many men, brainwashing them to repeat its rhetoric of false acceptance by decreeing big is beautiful! And yes, this is true, in rare cases where big shares the glory with perky and perfect, but this rarely the case. Imagine a woman tells you that beneath her burka she holds DD breasts, ripe for the fondling, but low you behold that she is a porcine sow and while her breasts are DD they are saggy and sad and hang low with the shame of a flabby poorly maintained body.

This is the lie that many of the rotund harlots ride out. They abuse our love for large breasts and asses and manipulate the truth to serve they’re own evil carnal pleasures. They lust for quality men and will regale you with stories of the immensity of their bust and the fullness of their ass because they wager that when time comes and you are in the throws of passion, when clothing comes off to reveal sad unshapely heaps of flesh, pocked with cellulite and stretch marks, that you will give in to the Fat Satan and commit a grievous sin.

Shaytan will trick you with the most devious gift he bestowed upon his corpulent servants, cleavage. It will draw your eye and suck you in with its enormity. That devilish crease betwixt her fleshy mounds looks inviting, but you must remember that with great fat comes great sag. The breasts that form that cleave will be stretched, nipples pointing straight down as if they know of the she beast to which they are attached. Be strong my brothers.

Know that it is your holy duty as a man to always choose to bed petite women even if that means laying with one who carries small but pert breasts and a tiny but firm ass. So it was written.

Peace be with you.

A Message From Allah

What, praise be to Allah, brought on this porcine plague, this ever present bovine bestiality,  this acceptance of huge folds of fatty flesh, where rotundity is now the new normal, where finding a fold is all a warrior brother can expect out of an infidel  woman. How brothers, did we get here to this point where we are on the verge of our goal of conquering the American infidel to only be left with whale like women to make our polygamous wives?

Personally for me and with Allah’s guidance, I feel the Jihad to take over this country is going to have to wait for a while. We can’t as fanatic Muslim brothers take this country over and be left with the fat-ass women that these stupid Americans have allowed to grow fat beyond any boundaries of attractiveness. So, the course of our Jihad has to change for a while. Now we have to have a singular intifada to make sure that when we take over this country, there are no fat girls left. Allah commands that his holy warriors either have sex and sons with slender girls or become martyrs, where his goodness will reward them with 72 virgins. Thing is, Allah never tells us what these virgins will look like.

They have to look a lot better than what Haid D’Salaami is seeing here in America…Allah is Akbar, he will provide for his faithful warriors in the afterlife. And he told me personally in a vision what they will look like…

I wasn’t always the pious, fanatical Muslim warrior you see before you today. I was much like the majority of these spineless, soulless American men we see surrounding us. I took the same track that the godless infidel I used to be was expected to take. Good job, married, the white picket fence and a dog. But something happened shortly after I married what at the time was a lovely, slender young girl. Bodily expansion of my young wife started occurring almost immediately. I could see it happening daily, it was like she hooked up an air hose and added a few litres of air every day. Except this wasn’t air, it was increasing volumes of fat. A few years and eighty pounds later, I couldn’t stand anymore; I knew I had to get out and so I did. Even in my soulless, godless infidel state, I just couldn’t be seen with a fattie. Single life afterwards wasn’t much better, I was surrounded by land whales and if I did happen to cross paths with a slender girl, she was beset upon by doughy males like a young boy in a Pashtun village…

Then my world changed…I went to Europe…

Now your average European woman isn’t much different than your average American woman…except for the Muslim women. Europe has a sizeable Turkish population and the average one is slender and attractive. I know, I know they wear headscarves and voluminous robe type dresses for the most part, but believe me, those girls were HOT. Plus, they were deferential to their spouses, sweet natured and obviously took care of themselves.

After a month there, I started visiting mosques. During prayers one morning, I had an epiphany. It was like Allah himself visited my spirit and gave me a purpose. “Go back to the United States and tell your brothers that this fat epidemic must be eliminated. I have plans for that country and I will not tolerate an entire country populated with fat women. My warriors must be rewarded, and even though I am the great and merciful Allah, my eyes burn with the abomination that is the fat American woman.”

After an entire life filled with fat acceptance indoctrination, this message from Allah set my spirit to burning. The Jihad had to be waged until the porcine plague was eliminated or I was martyred in the holy endeavor…

As Allah is Akbar, as soon as I returned to the states, I found this site. A site with fellow warriors, all with a singular purpose, eradicate the fattie as the normal in this country or be martyred trying. So, what can we do? Actually a lot, number one, never ever be seen with one, number two, shame any woman that you know that has a bovine body shape and three, make fun of any woman that has excess corpulence during your daily business. And never, never, never date or have sex with one. That only tells the rest of the herd that it is possible to be fat as hell and still get laid.

There’s a very good command from Allah for that last reason. Remember I wrote earlier that Allah told me what our virgins would look like if we in our holy mission were martyred?  In the message that Allah sent me those many months ago during morning prayers, in his infinite wisdom, he told me “If you are martyred, your virgins will look a lot like the last woman you fucked”.

Allah is Akbar; take that warning very seriously…

How To Teach Women That FAT Is Not Acceptable

I was at a Moroccan restaurant last week and they had dancers from a belly dancing school performing. Some of the women were 300 [email protected]!  It appeared that the families and friends of the dancers were dining, so the restuarant was making money. I won’t scare you with the details; I had to stare at my plate until I could get out of there.

After seeing that I decided I had to do something!

Its great to slander fat women; they make me sick, and I can’t stand to look at them. They are so common now and they are encouraged and empowered to assert themselves in public.  We have to stop this cultural change to Fat acceptance.

We need to think of ways to discourage fat acceptance. We need to not just insult them, but also persuade them if possible. Lets turn the tide on the fatties.  It may be a losing battle, but we have to do something.

I’m starting with my own social media. I’m using the following gentle but effective warning in my online profiles.  Its gentle so they will read it and think about it instead of becoming immediately defensive.  It also does a fair job of getting them to self select instead of wasting my time. I don’t care if I lose some who are “offended” at my discrimination. In fact I find that the slender ones like that I am so up front and that I have clear standards.

“I say this in the nicest way: please do not contact me if you are overweight.  You need to look good in a bathing suit. If we are compatible, we will spend some active time together, including swimming at beautiful tropical beaches :_) I’m not seeking a twig figure; proportionate curves are beautiful!”

I urge everyone to add something similar to all your profiles!

Food Network Wins Victory For Allah

Since moving to America to find my missing brother, I have become a fan of the food television network.  Studying it has allowed me to blend into American culture undetected, as well as learn more about the enemies of Allah: Fat American women.  One show, in particular, is my favorite.  The show “Chopped”.

The show is hosted by the least gay Queer Eye guy, and features a judges panel composed of A Mexican, a Feminist Bitch, and Marc Murphy.  Every week, four contestants compete in three, high speed rounds to create the best dish from random, surprise ingredients.  Each round, one person is eliminated, leaving the winner to collect ten thousand worthless American dollars – though I would prefer camels.  Many, many camels.

This brings me, my dearest brothers, to this contestant:

Laura Simpson Chef

I thought cows had black spots as well?

Her name is Laura Simpson, and I know what you are thinking, my brothers!  Is she related to Jessica Simpson?  Unfortunately, no.  She ate Jessica Simpson and then took her last name as a trophy.

Laura Simpson Chef

Chef Simpson is seen here attempting to prep her ingredients without eating them all

Chef Simpson came onto the show Chopped with a lot of, how do you say, “fattitude”.  She claimed that,

These other contestants see a cute, young, bubbly girl and they think, ‘aww, she wont be a threat’.  Well I got news for you!  I’m going to win this thing!


Trust me, Laura – none of them were thinking that you were cute or bubbly.  They were thinking, “Dear God, if my daughter ends up like that big blubber ball I’ll have to behead her for shaming my family as Allah commands, may his name be praised!”

Naturally, Laura cooked goose-fat potatoes and an extremely sugary, candy and ice cream filled dessert.  I was surprised that she didn’t add bacon grease to each course – you know how these fat infidels love the unholy swine juice.

Chef Simpson made it all the way to round three of the competition, bringing the final round down to her or a young American man who kept himself in good shape.  I am convinced, as Allah Lives, that the only reason she made it so far is because The Feminist judge pleaded her case constantly – always siding with her.

Fortunately for us all, Allah intervened and a great victory in Jihad was won on the Food Network that day!  For as surely as Allah is God and Muhammad is his prophet, the young American chef prayed and said,

  If she wins this competition I’ll throttle her about the neck with my own hands!

Allah is merciful and great, and heard this man’s prayers.  In the final round, the fat, blubbery excuse for a woman was shamed and told that the food she has dedicated her life to eating, cooking, eating, serving, and mostly eating had let her down and would not be good enough to win her this contest!

Despite cries and protest from the feminist and fat, ugly tears from the beluga whale, a young American man won $10,000!

This is a great day for our cause, brothers!  It is a day when a fat woman has been shamed in the eyes of the world!

Allahu Akbar!

The Glory That Awaits!

Many brothers have willingly heard the call to arms and have now dedicated themselves to this most holiest of wars, but they are still men, and there are many who still remain untouched by the light of Allah, who need to be shown what it is we fight for. They must see that there is hope, because for to long now they have been blinded by rolls of cellulite and flab.

This is but a fraction of the glory that awaits us, and all men, should be succeed in purging the Fat Satan and cleansing our world! Stare deeply my friends. Remember! Remember what a REAL woman looks like! Remember that REAL women are not adorned with short hair, sweatpants, and wide bodies as you would be fooled into thinking! Remember that there is a female form other then a the corpulent masses that besiege our eyes every day.

Peace be with you.

Have A Miserable Christmas, InFATdels!

Being a devout Muslim, I do not celebrate heathen holidays like Christmas. Nonetheless, as a man of good taste, I enjoy music from all corners of the globe… except when fat girls are singing:

A heffalump lies in on a tacky couch like a cow on the slaughterhouse conveyor belt, wobbling her stomach rolls as if she were a stripper working the pole. God strike me down now. Her singing talent is perfectly matched to her physical fitness — she’s off-key, can’t stay in time, and can’t carry a tune to save her inFATdel life.

Remembering my holy duty, I left this comment on the video under the handle “Betawulf”:

LMAO at this oinker, let’s play Spot the Cliches:

Endless stomach rolls
Cellulite-ridden thighs
Pasty skin
Shapeless face
Thin lips
Dorky glasses
Unwarranted self-importance
Horrible off-key singing

All you’re missing is a plate of donuts to snack on.

As of this writing, she has yet to approve my truthful words. Her fat girl ego must be crushed. This is a perfect opportunity, my brothers — swarm BBW Little Lin’s video and downvote her into oblivion. Bring God’s wrath upon the blasphemers!

Fatties Are Destroying Society

The following is a guest post from brother Qutb.

If you counted up the amount of damage that fat women have done to society in economic, medical, social problems (not just dating) and opportunity costs then it would be much greater than the most recent American crusade in Iraq. Much greater than a trillion dollars since 2003. The amount spent each year is progressively getting larger.

The truth is fat women have caused more damage to the United States than banksters and Muslims combined. No other entity could inflict so many opportunity costs as fat women have.

While these statistics account for both genders, women hold much more blame than men. A man can be somewhat over his BMI and still be relatively healthy, strong and socially productive. But when women are over BMI it is nearly always fat they are carrying, not muscle mass.
The medical costs were estimated to be as high as $117.2 billion, and that was in 2000. The fat lobby prevents further estimations to be made. A more recent estimate says it’s $147 billion a year, which is 9 percent of all medical spending. Everyone wants to blame the infidel insurance companies for rising health care but a lot of that blame should go on the fatties, the biggest public burden on American citizens.
While the nuclear family and competitive capitalism has increased the cost of childbirth making it less attractive for the middle class, it also true that fat women lose their fertility much faster than normal ones. Their children also suffer more complications than normal weight women, further increasing the expense and depriving society of valuable human capital:

“Consuming a diet high in fat causes damage to eggs stored in female ovaries. As a result, when fertilised these eggs are not able to undergo normal, healthy development into embryos,” Ms Minge says. Source

Obesity is a known risk factor for ovulation problems, but it also contributes to infertility in women who ovulate normally, new research shows Women in the study who were severely obese were 43% less likely to achieve pregnancy than normal-weight women or women who were considered overweight but not obese during the yearlong study. Source

Studies indicate obesity doubles a woman’s chances of having a baby with neural tube defects, and even adequate folic acid intake does not fully protect against the increase in risk. Compared with normal-weight women, obese women have a greater risk of developing complications during pregnancy. Their babies are also more likely to be admitted to neonatal intensive care units. In a report published today, the public affairs committee of the Teratology Society officially declared obesity a pregnancy risk factor, adding that women should be told about the risk in the same way that they are warned about the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The Teratology Society studies the causes and processes of birth defects to improve diagnosis and prevention. Source

There is no benefit to being fat, at all. Whenever a infatdel says otherwise, please tell them what you have learned from brother Qutb today.
Allahu akbar.  

Forgive, But Show No Mercy!

Our war is not easy my brothers, no. The Fat Satan is a crafty but cowardly devil. This demon wages war not by its own hands, by but the hands of others! It will bend the will and mind of those we might call brother and ensnare them to do its bidding!

As we wage holy war the enemy we face on the frontlines of combat will not be the she-beasts whom which we wish to topple, no, it will be men! White Knights, Manginas, and confused Herbs will all take up arms against us! They have been poisoned by Shaytan and most likely are beyond saving.

They will come at you in various ways, and for this, you must be ready my brothers. Some will try to reason with you, explaining why we should overlook the most obvious flaws of fat women. They will try to persuade you with cunningly gentle words as to why fat is “beauty” though what they’re truly doing is attempting to vindicate themselves! They have made poor choices and bedded in the mud with the sows and the slop of shame does not rinse away easily, so rather then wash themselves of their sins they attempt to persuade all that they are in-fact NOT sins. Their trickery does not alter truth in the eyes of Allah.

Others will come at you with a frothing rage. They will bark and wail and gnash their teeth at you, for they are the truly lost souls. The White Knights of Shaytan whose minds are lost for eternity. They hide not their shame, for they have none. They see no ill doings in the bedding of beast women, they’ve been broken and guiled by the Hand of Shaytan, the feminist media, into believing fat women are beautiful. They’ll even say ridiculous things like “she is to skinny” to a girl who’s figure is slim and perfect.

The last foe you will meet are the Manginas, the quivering masses upon which the tyrannical fat dynasty is built. They are numerous to a point that they are almost beyond counting, but they are weak. These are men who lack the fire, untouched by the God Allah. They know what they do is wrong, and they know that the fat women with whom they associate are swine, but they see no hope. They foolishly believe it is better to stand beside the devil, then in his way. These are the ones whom we can free. They are the young souls who will carry on this holiest of wars, if only we can touch their spirit and lift them back into the graces!

As you wage war against your brothers forgive them. Forgive them for they have been duped, coerced, and swindled into fighting for a cause that, deep down, they know is wrong. They would look upon the foul rotund spawn of the Fat Satan, and ignore the facts which they know to be true! They will regurgitate the same lies of “acceptance” that the porcine harpies screech at every turn. But know this. They were good men. So forgive them, pray for them, may they find peace with Allah, but show them no mercy! Those who would defend our enemy shall feel nothing but the points of our righteous spears!

Khuda hafiz!

Fat Woman Says “Men Prefer Fat Women”

The hamster is strong in this one:

The most feminine attributes, softness and sweetness, are not found in hard-toned bodies. Women who have single digit body-fat percentage are not nurturing by nature. They are tautly disciplined and their first response is “No!”

Do you see why women must be shamed into thinness? Without the shame, they actually think Islamic men prefer fatties.

When you try to fuck the fatties at last call, it just reinforces the fact that they don’t need to lose weight. The sad truth is that fatties in America have higher self-esteem than beautiful girls in third world countries. With Allah’s help, we will destroy their self-esteem to the rock bottom level that is belongs.